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Hi there...

I ve created a small game (~4hours) with B4J (seems that is extremely easy to do something like that) - i think it is easier than Visual Basic because b4j comes with all libraries you want...

In this game you can test your typing speed - your eyes - your brain
Every time pressing wrong key loosing a life, also loosing life every time key "button keys sprites" go at bottom...
When ... score goes up - speed of falling letters maximized !

- You can resize window if goes slow before clicking start game -

i have English/USA and Greek characters too (so if you want you can change them simple at sub createcharacters and change all printedcharactergr(*) with your keyboard layout...

What i want to do - or someone help to do...
- I don't have time to add soundfx and music - if someone want will be added to credits...
- Also i don't like the scrolling - need high end pc to scroll smooth or smaller window - I suppose if use a library for games will work better... (You can change it if you want and add it here to see how :) )
+ I want sometime update sub movebackround() work better (faster,smooth) and have a continue when i change frequent to backround scrolling to other direction...

Not using any special library... but thanks to all guys made those - working:
JavaObject, jBitmapCreator, jCore, jFX, jXUI and module of BitmapCreatorEffects

Thanks B4J - i am happy for my creation (fast) !
ps: SOURCE CODE included ! - but if you want "support" me... to make more games like this !

Need some B4X Knowledge




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