1. Ja8

    Games Trying to put a "fire button" in my stage with LibGDX

    Hi everybody: First of all, this is my first message in the forum. I have read the rules, but I'm sorry if I had some errors writing this. I'm trying to make a very simple game in LibGDX with a main screen, a stage, an actor, a camera that follows the actor and a couple of buttons (to shot and...
  2. melonZgz

    Android Question admob ads content, google play families policy and the use of tagForChildDirectedTreatment

    Hello friends. I have been trying to update one of my games without much success, since Google has rejected my update several times, always claiming the content of the ads. Finally yesterday they removed the game from the store. A game with almost 1M downloads The problem is that it's a game...
  3. carlos7000

    Spanish Guerra de aplicaciones

    Hola. Me gustaría proponer que en B4X se creara algo parecido a CodeWars Texto tomado de CodeWars: Jugar practicar, codear.
  4. nicolino33

    Italian Il mio primo gioco con GameView

    Ciao a tutti, felice di presentare il mio primo gioco in 2D realizzato con l'ausilio della libreria GameView. Questa libreria in effetti si presta molto bene all'animazione 2D, pochi ed efficaci istruzioni che grazie all'accelerazione hardware permettono di realizzare scenari anche abbastanza...
  5. walterf25

    Android Question Extra Icons on Bottom Navigation Bar

    Hi All, i'm working on wrapping a library for a client, while testing I noticed that when the app is launched there are two additional icons on the Bottom Navigation Bar, I've never seen those when creating an app before, how can I get rid of those two extra icons, i'm not doing anything...
  6. Alexander Stolte

    Share My Creation Motorsports Reaction Start (F1)

    I hope, this time i have more luck with google. This is a simple and clean F1 reaction start game. -Share your Highscore with your friends -Do it better -Have Fun Planned is also a connection to google play games to...
  7. Sandman

    Games Inspiration: ”How I made a 3D game in only 2KB of JavaScript”

    Well worth a read, if you're into making games. Oh, and here's the full source code, after minification:
  8. Magma

    Share My Creation [B4J] MAGMA-KEY - Test your typing speed (game, source code included)

    Hi there... I ve created a small game (~4hours) with B4J (seems that is extremely easy to do something like that) - i think it is easier than Visual Basic because b4j comes with all libraries you want... In this game you can test your typing speed - your eyes - your brain Every time pressing...
  9. B

    Share My Creation Game Puzzle (League of Legends)

    Hello from France, I share with the community my first hybrid application construct with B4A. The main game is embedded in a webview placed in the main activity. And I used Firebase Admob library in a second activity. The main difficulty was to establish the dialogue between Javascript and B4A...
  10. Scotter

    Share My Creation Play To Evolve: Increase your EQ by playing

    Hi all - I've finally gotten this game to a level that is (a) effective enough; and (b) polished enough to show it to you guys. It's in the Google Play Store here: Warning: It's not an action game. It's a family-oriented game for building...
  11. coldteam

    Share My Creation Dark Rage RPG

    Hello! My new game: Dark Rage GOOGLE PLAY: This game: + gamepad support + open world effect Update: Since the release, I made a lot of changes. Finished the character and made a changeable look, depending on the armor or...
  12. walterf25

    Android Question libGDX lgScreen issue

    Hello all, i have been re-writing my old Whack A Bieber game written with libGDX, i decided to make use of the lgScreen and lgScreenManager classes to have better control of the game and to try to get rid of unnecessary code. I followed the MultiScreen example that comes in the Examples written...
  13. Scotter

    Android Question Google dinged my app for accessibility

    Hi - I've published my first app on the Google Play Store; Play to Evolve (a card game). Well... it seems to be semi-published. Like I can't find it searching the store but I do have a link given to me by Google in the Developer Panel. One issue is that they haven't approved my "identity" and...
  14. no name

    Android Question Need Help Developing A Word Game

    Hi! I'm new at b4a and developing a game; and I have an idea of making a 'word game'. So, my game is like tetris but letters will fall instead of blocks. The user will have to click sets of letters to form a valid word. I just need ideas on how can I start making my game. Like libraries to be...
  15. H

    Share My Creation [game] Spike Escape

    Hi My 1st game in google play: I welcome your feedback & advice
  16. eps

    Share My Creation [Game] Space Invaders Cubed (Beta)

    This is now available on Open Beta... So there are still some items to be addressed, but hopefully not too many. It's my first attempt at a game ever! Changed URL Left hand side of screen moves the players' ship. The...
  17. andymc

    Share My Creation [GAME] Asteroid Sprint

    Hi all! I just released my 9th game on the Play Store! this one is a simple infinite runner where you shoot and dodge Asteroids, getting as high a score as you can before you die. Try it on the Play Store now...
  18. Scotter

    Android Question Wanting advice: Making multiplayer card game

    I'm wanting to make a multiplayer card game and looking for advice or ideas before I spend eons making the same mistakes other people already made :) I've already prototyped a database in MS Access. I will export to something like mySQL or SQL Server, depending on various factors. I have a...
  19. Sandman

    Games Need inspiration for games?

    Now and then I waste a little time playing games I can find on the Google Play Store. Sometimes I find a game that feels ripe for a remake using B4X. Sometimes because it's just fun and seems like a nice challenge for a single person to make. Other times because it's like the game I played which...
  20. Y

    Share My Creation Hangman

    Hi! This is my first app published in public. It is actually the classic Hangman game, with some additions. Feel free to try it!