Wish B4J v3.61 Visual Designer additional functionality


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Whilst working with the new B4J Visual Designer, thoughts about additional functionality to consider:
  • Align Multiple Views (Left, Top, Bottom, Right)
  • When duplicating multiple views keep the parent window instead of setting as default Main
  • Keep the current property selected when moving to another view (makes it easier to change that property when moving from view-to-view)
  • Show width and height when resizing multiple views
  • When multiple variants defined, set last used variant as default when reloading the last layout
  • Option to change the size of a variant
  • Keep the last used zoom size
  • Add a button in the B4J IDE to open the internal designer
  • If a script has an error, make that visible by a red underline (as in the B4J IDE)
  • Consider to add a toolbar with common functions (new, save, B4J IDE, Form WYSIWYG, Generate members...)
  • When changing a bitmap filename, change the name in the views property accordingly (where used)