Wish B4J v3.61 Visual Designer additional Functionality #2


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Some further B4J Visual Designer (VD) suggestions

  • Right click on a View show in the popup menu "Generate Members" for that view
  • Short cut to test/run the app after changes made in the VD (instead of B4J VD > File > Save, switch to B4J IDE > F5
  • When closing the B4J VD also close the WYSIWYG window
  • Set cursor type, like open hand, close hand for views like a label
  • CheckBox Check Field aligment current left. Enhance by Left or Right
  • Terminology clarity: since the intro of the B4J VD Views are introduced, which are JavaFX Controls. Just to be clear when explaining to people
  • Naming: In the B4J IDE the B4J Visual Designer is called Internal Designer. When explaining to people then B4J Visual Designer to use. Suggest to change in the B4J to Visual Designer