Android Example [B4X] AS_TabMenuAdvanced Custom Middle Button

In this example we add a MiddleButton that is larger than the internal one and is outside the TabMenu.
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AS_TabMenuAdvanced1.MiddleButtonProperties.Visible = False 'Makes the lib. MiddleButton invisible
AS_TabMenuAdvanced1.MiddleButtonProperties.CustomWidth = 60dip 'We increase the distance between the tabs


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hi, I found some shortcomings that need to be corrected, the first shortcoming is that it does not inherit the enabled status from the parent panel, this means that if I put the panel in false status and above it I see a dipo dialog panel, the buttons are in enabled true status, therefore they are active creating messes, as mentioned in another comment the numbers that exceed 999 then 1200 becomes ugly to look at

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