Android Tutorial [B4X] B4XTable - Editable table and export to CSV


This example shows how to modify the table data. When the user clicks on a cell we show an input dialog and let the user modify its content.

The data in B4XTable is stored in an in-memory database. The table name is 'data' and the column names are available with B4XTableColumn.SQLID.

The code to update a cell:
B4XTable1.sql1.ExecNonQuery2($"UPDATE data SET ${column.SQLID} = ? WHERE rowid = ?"$, Array As String(InputTemplate.Text, RowId))

When the window is closed the updated data is saved in a CSV file.

This is a B4J example, however it should be trivial to port it to B4A or B4i.

More advanced editable table:


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To Android: is possible to have a click in the cell to get the value and a LongClick to edit the cell?


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Thanks Erel for this wonderful and easy to use table. At this time I can't test the example but I am just wondering if it contains the regular editing functions like add row, delete row, find...etc.