Android Question B4X - Consistently Determine if WIFI is available and connected - B4i, B4J, B4A


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I tried this code (Along with a lot of other things but this works for all three)
    Dim IP As ServerSocket
    Dim myIp As String = IP.GetMyIP
    Return myIp

All return a valid looking IP if they are connected. However if I turn off the WIFI on each device, or don't connect to a router I get the following.

B4J: fe80:0:0:0:9d4c:3fa6:46:857%wlan0

Initializing ServerSocket makes no difference and as I understand it is not necessary to get the ip.
I seem to vaguely remember from my bouts with wifi a few years ago on android. That meant you were not connected. But now I get

So, my question is really this:
Is this the code I should be using to verify that the user is connected to a network and if so,
What do I look for to know when they are not connected?
B4i I think I get - if it is then not connected.
B4J - Do I parse it to see if it is in valid ipv4 format?
B4A I am lost. Is the new for android?

Thanks for your help.


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The best way is to not make any test and just try to connect. If it works it works and if not then there is no valid connection.
I was trying to connect and the interface froze in the event of a sudden disconnect (Ethernet).I have enabled unmonitor network.
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B4A I am lost. Is the new for android?
The so-called Loopback address is a special IP number ( that is designated for the software loopback interface of a machine. The loopback interface has no hardware associated with it, and it is not physically connected to a network. It's purpose is and it is always available to reroute a network packet back to the sender without any change. It has nothing to or any relation to the connect status of your wifi interface.
The address could be a defined or retrieved network address of the wifi interface. Be aware that some driver software assign a valid privet 192.168.x.y address to a not connected wifi interface.
As always Erel has given the right answer:
If it works it works and if not then there is no valid connection.
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