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Guenter Becker

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Hello to everybody,
first let me give you all a warm welcome from me as a newbe to the forum.
I am a (yet retired) programmer and before using b4a I used Android Studio therefore I am familar with the android basics. Also the BASIC language of b4a is not new to me because of using VB.Net over several years.

I am goint to use the b4x Drawer to attach a sliding menu to my application. I started with the attached example it looks fine and works well. I still played a little bit with the example like putting an image to the top of the layout 'left'.

But now I like to enhance the item list by attaching an icon to each item (single line) of the listview.
I tried google and this search here but still nothing found to answer my question.
Are there any Experts to give a snippet how to do. ;)

Thank you in advance
and best regards from Germany