B4A Library [B4X] MediaChooser - cross platform videos and images chooser

This library makes it simple to let the user choose or capture media.


  • Allows the user to capture videos and still pictures (B4A and B4i only).
  • Allows the user to pick videos and pictures.
  • Very easy to use together with SimpleMediaManager.
  • Detects images mime types. Jpeg and Gifs.
  • Works with a progress bar that shows when items need to be copied. This is currently only relevant to B4A.
  • B4A - no permissions needed.
Usage instructions: see the example. It is quite simple.



  • MediaChooser.b4xlib
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  • MCExample.zip
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Getting compile error:

Error compiling program.
Error description: Unknown member: setgif2
Error occurred on line: 85
Word: setgif2
SMM version 1.14 . B4A 12. 80. Please let me know what to do.


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Hey everyone, I've been encountering an issue (when using frotal camare) where the image token changes in the preview.
Is there a way to maintain consistency with the image token throughout, without it flipping in the preview?