Android Example [B4X] RSS Viewer using xCustomListView

Jack Cole

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After having used the RSS Viewer library in the past, and now finding that it won't function with my secure sites, I decided to start with Erel's XUI CustomListView example and then integrate that with using the XML2MAP library to write a RSS viewer. The attached example is for B4A, but it would probably be easy enough to adapt to b4i as well.

One thing that I do that the RSS viewer library did not do, is dynamically adjust the card size based on the amount of text content. This example also has a browser activity that will load the website URL and allow the user to share the link.

Edit: Updated on 2/19/2019 for better handling of panel resizing.



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hi @Jack Cole i use b4a v 9.8 .
i want to use this source but i cant find lable extras lib
this lib is a internal lib and i think that remove from internal lib in new version b4a!