Android Question [B4X] What to use for Netflix like layouts?


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Hi All,

I just need guidence for how to create a Netflix like layout, meaning to scroll vertically and horizontally.

I understand that customlistview can not work with nested customlistview.

Also there is a post for nested customlistview but the limitation says that we won't be able to interact with the nested list, so seems it is not an option as well.

From research on the topic, I found that nested RecyclerView can be an option to achieve similar behaviour to scroll vertically and horizontally.

However since I need to make b4x apps (b4a/b4i) I can see the recyclerview might not be an options since the library is not there for b4i offcourse.

So I am just looking for guidence on what or how to use a new/existing approach to be able to scroll vertically and horizontally?

Thank you all for your help!
I have used nested CLV's. They DO work if they are scrolling in different directions.


Vertical for the main CLV which contains CLV's which scroll horizontally.

Give it a try!


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Hi Andrew, thank you so much for your reply! I neve knew this! I tried it with both vertical so assumed it won't work with the nested horizontal!, it is time to give it a try :)

Thank you so much for your help, appreciate it!
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