Wish [B4X] [XUI] B4XPages padding at top to insert user drawn titlebar


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I'm using B4XPages in full screen mode without a system drawn title bar (I'm drawing my own).

Without a system drawn title bar, a B4X page takes the whole space of the screen. This means that when I draw my own title bar on a page, the title bar will change when I show another B4X page (sounds logical). However, I want my title bar to STAY FIXED on the screen, while the area BELOW is used by B4Xpages. This enables me to slide in and out the B4X pages while still keeping a fixed toolbar, exactly like the title bar works in B4A. So the top with the title bar would remain fixed, and the area below would be used by B4X pages. I think this needs some kind of top-offset parameter to be added in B4Xpages.

Would this be difficult to add?