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A cross platform, compact version of SearchView.

The custom view is made of a TextField / EditText and a horizontal CLV above it that shows the matching items. The user can click on the items in the list or press enter to autocomplete.




Usage instructions:

- Add the module and the MiniSearchView layout file to your project.
- Add MiniSearchView custom views with the designer.
- Call MiniSearchView.SetItems to set the items.
You can change the various colors and the font in the designer.

Note that the TextField is not immediately ready (it calls Sleep(0) inside DesignerCreateView to allow it to load a layout). This means that if you want to access the internal TextField in Activity_Create then you need to call Sleep(0) and then access it.

- XUI / iXUI / jXUI - v1.70+
- xCustomListView v1.63+ (B4J, B4A, B4i)
- B4A: JavaObject

The projects are attached. MiniSearchView class is the same in all three projects. MiniSearchView layout file is different.


  • B4A_MiniSearchView.zip
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  • B4i_MiniSearchView.zip
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  • B4J_MiniSearchView.zip
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I tried for hours using Erel's above B4A example to have the list of cities as a vertical list by changing the layouts and changing the orientation in the designer to vertical, but to no avail. Can a long visible vertical list be achieved. If so, how? I like the list to be like this:
Abu Dhabi
Addis Ababa
Thank you
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