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I have combined B4XDrawer and CLV Expandable code.
I hv replaced the two buttons with only one webview in Expandable example.
This item.bal, is loaded in left drawer of B4XDrawer. Two items are loaded in B4XDrawer CLV.
Now, problem is, the matter that needs to be in first item of clv, appears in webview of second item. And when second item is opened it's content correctly appear in webview.
How to make the correct content appear when respective item is clicked.


B4XDrawer and CLV Expandable...:
For Each v As View In clv1.GetPanel(Index).GetAllViewsRecursive
        If v Is WebView Then
            Dim wv As WebView = wvDrawer
        End If

It is still not working, Any solution?
1.png Shows, The Left drawer opens CLV1 has two panels.
  1. Panel one, has Label and imageView with Arrow, as in Erel's B4XDrawer Example, same copy, no change.
  2. Panel two, is loaded either by another CLV from item.bal or with a WebView and Two imageView from item1.bal depending on user choice.
If you see, 3.png is blank, the content of this goes into the Devotional- item of CLV.
When Devotional item its opened, 4.png shows correct result, google searches and returns result.
If Devotional item is not loaded, then the 2 item of CLV returns the Web Search result and 3.png is not blank.

I want the Blank, 3.png to be resolved.


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