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Hi Friends,

As you know, I made an online sheet of Walt's B4XGoodies List and he helped me by providing download links of html and version text files.

Since being lazy by nature, I find it extra work to check the version link daily and download the html file to update the sheet.

So, I did what I do best. I made a HMG app (single exe, no framework or dll required) with two buttons to "Check Version" and "Download HTML" files. Most may wonder why I did not make in B4J, well I am still novice in it and it will take few days for me to make than the HMG one which I did in few minutes. I also added a parameter in it and scheduled the exe to auto run daily and show me message "Same version" or "New version".

Below are the few images from the HMG app,

hb_b4xgoodies1.png hb_b4xgoodies2.png hb_b4xgoodies3.png hb_b4xgoodies4.png

But the Android programmer in me was not happy. And I thought, this is my best chance to make a simple, still very useful app for myself. This will also give me the required push to make the app.

I made the Android version of the same (thanks to Klaus's booklet, Philip's ebook and Forum message gold mine) in few days. It is still very primitive compare to the creations uploaded here by members.

I request Masters here to suggest/advise me to make it better. I know friends here can make the whole app in few minutes and that too much more professional one. But I want to learn and want the guidance and not the whole app.

Below are few images from it,

b4a_1.png b4a_2.png b4a_3.png b4a_4.png

I hope this will also help beginners here to get the concept for similar app, i.e. download a link, check and show data.

I have attached the project here and will update it as and when I enhance it with support from our friends.

Known Issue:
Future Plan:

  1. Widget to show message "Same version" or "New version" on home screen, auto.
  2. Saving the html data in Sql database.
  3. Using the database to show
    • B4A : n numbers libraries
    • B4I : n numbers libraries
    • etc.
  4. Using the database to show in XCLV instead of Webview.
1.001, 28 Oct 2019, initial release.
1.002, 09 Nov 2019, see post# 4
  • Made colorful.
  • Used SwiftButtons.
  • Added progress show, while downloading.
  • Added color and last update text to downloaded html
1.003, 10 Nov 2019, see post #5
  • Made class module for "DownloadAndSave" sub.
1.004, 10 Dec 2019, see post #6
  • Implemented download progress with cancel




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Thanks @AnandGupta !!

About two or three years ago, I've made an ABMaterial App presents a webpage with a grid with the results of walt61 scrapping; after a while, the time limit of the free tier VPS from where the app runs finished and it becomes inaccesible.
I've been busy with a another issues this years and this work became forgotten.

Today, when I see your post, I'd tried to find the ABMMaterial App on my PC to share with you the code (read XLS from Dropbox, create sqlite DB, searching queries), but I've found that I've done also a B4J App and I didn't remember !!! (checking the code there's no Wait for codes for httpjob download... ;-))

Sorry for that, it could be helpful for you in all this working process if I've remembered this before...
I attach this B4J app here so if you want, you can check it and see if it can be helpful in your B4A app. Get all code that you need for your app and thank you for your work.

Feel free to ask for


'TODO List
' Word wrap Description or Pop UP ---Column Description Wider*
' Test filter Latest_revision_date
' Automatic test updates (jnotification)
' Save the XLS on share folder (dropbox,etc) to download automatically --DONE !
' Choose where to save -- save to DirAPP --DONE!
' Check XLS name for update or not (Ini file) -- check info.txt on shared folder --DONE!
' Update Table coding --Done
' Webview form open when clicking URL --Done
' Make Description "clickable" to B4X Web --Done
' txtseach autocomplete
' Save date lib as Ticks and compare this value with DatePicker
' Make Description "clickable" to B4X Web --Done
'- - - - - - - - - - - -
'Clean unused var/libs
'Logs (string,Debugflag)
'Transform string "B4I" from Excel to "B4i" Sqlite DB
'Resized Data Column
'Ordered Table by column Date
'- - - - - - - - - - - -
'Added label on URL Column to open URL from external Document (Web browser)
'Change B4X sheet to import from (B4XGoodies)
'- - - - - - - - - - - -
'Hide Pnlload
'Add CbxAuthor
'- - - - - - - - - - - -
'V3: Automtic Query: Query from Combos and txtField directly/No need for Button search
' : Hide/Unhide columns selection
' :Modified building version number
'Ini parameters at ini file in File.DirApp
' Version
' Pathname
' File
' lastupdate
'- - - - - - - - - - - -
'V2: Description Width column greater


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Hi @inakigarm,

I knew masters may have already made something similar :)

Thanks for sharing your code. I will study it and use it in my app, but after understanding it, as my B4J knowledge is still very basic. And obviously will post queries if I do not understand something.




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Updated to version 1.002.
Zip in first post
  1. Made colorful.
  2. Used SwiftButtons.
  3. Added progress show, while downloading.
  4. Added color and last update text to downloaded html
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