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Hi everybody,
May I present to you this utility which was entirely made with b4j. It is a b4xlib library maker.
It has a very simple job : archiving the required resource files into the b4xlib file which is, as stated by the creator,
a zip file. It is a standalone package made with JPackager tool of the b4j IDE. (thanks @Erel 💐 )
It uses the 7z file type of compression but the extension is renamed to bxlib.
The program UI includes a listview, text fields, buttons and b4xprogress bar, as well as javax JFileChooser
to display the showFileDialog and saveFileDialog.
The whole story is in the video.

The download link is down there..

Download the standalone package here
For the code contact DM or buy me a coffee
Music link :🎶 ..It is royalty-free ☺️


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Added support for Drag and Drop files from Windows File Explorer ( opened by a button in the app) to UI


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Added a feature to select more than one file at a time (Multiselect)