1. a6000000

    B4J Question [B4J] jscriptengine JsBridge js-WebViev-to-B4J-to-js [working example]

    [EDIT] better: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...4j-and-from-b4j-to-webview-javascript.123547/ [solved] finally found what works: from WebViev click to B4J https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/making-upcalls-from-javascript-to-javafx.51794/post-771871 Send data-message from...
  2. S

    B4J Question B4J IDE runs on Linux :)

    I don't know if this is old news to people here, but the B4J IDE (including the designer) runs on Ubuntu 20.4 with the latest Crossover (V20). Crossover even has B4J as a known app, so the install is relatively painless. But - and there's always a but - when I try to run a simple program B4J...
  3. walterf25

    B4J Question ABMaterial Responsive Apps

    Hi all, I am back trying to finish up a project I started months ago, i finally found some time to try and finish it, this is a web app that I plan deploying for internal use at work, the app is a very simple Inventory service, I have really not had much time to go through all the tutorials...
  4. Programing Center

    B4J Question Run exe file on windows

    hi, i programming a project. and i export exe file from 'Build standalone package' and i want to share this program. What are the prerequisites? for example if there isn't any jdk on the windows, do the programs give it an Error to install jdk or no? and dose it matter to run on windows 32bit or...
  5. Programing Center

    B4J Question Error with JPOI Library

    Hi all, i user JPOI Library for do with excel in my app. when i run with b4j compiler all the thing are good and i don't have any error. when i compile with B4JPackager11, it makes crash and closed. what should i do? i find this error XML-BEANS compiled schema: Could not locate compiled schema...
  6. mcqueccu

    B4J Tutorial B4J UI Tutorials

    1. Check out this Nice and Clean Dashboard UI Tutorial for B4j Whiles there, please SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl9KKwBFLWKoZx0NOZy-bPA?view_as=subscriber 2. SALES DASHBOARD UI 2(With Source)
  7. Sagenut

    B4J Question How to Run/Execute a JAR on MacOS?

    I am completely out from the Apple/Mac world so excuse me if I will write silly or non exact things. How to run a JAR, created with B4J, on a Mac? I tried searching the forum for a solution to this but I came out unsuccessfull. Take into account that I have only a PC. Mac will not execute such a...
  8. E

    German Neustart eines jServers

    Hallo zusammen, ich muss einen jServer, welcher auf einem Centos System läuft, wegen einem Backup Abends beenden und nach 2 Stunden neustarten. Aktuell starte ich den jServer über den nohup - Befehl. Das Programm muss beendet werden, weil es einen Connection-Pool in Richtung einer Datenbank...
  9. D

    B4J Question Secure my projects source codes

    After building my project and release jar file, hackers can access to my source codes Is there any way to protect codes at least for chicken hackers? It is important to nobody can access to my sources Thanks
  10. A

    Android Question B4A, JRDC2 and PHP Website

    Hi All, Hopefully this is in the right section - I'm working on a B4A app, that uses b4j server with jrdc2 connector to mysql server (this is all working fine) - I then have my friend work on php website, which he's connecting to the same mySQL server. I would like to get a login/register...
  11. C

    B4J Tutorial Feedback using Liberica JDK 11 for raspberry pi

    Hello everyone. After spending some time to get a UI on my raspberry pi screen, here are my remarks, for who it can be useful: -Be careful when using only VNC to connect to your raspberry pi, when testing the javaFX lib, connect a screen on the HDMI port. (Yes there are libs that only show you...
  12. E

    B4J Question TreeView structure from Database

    Hi guys, i need help by creating a TreeView structure from MySQL Table. My database table has 3 columns: 1. id 2. name 3. parent_id Now on client side i load the data via httpjob and parse it into json. Dim job As HttpJob job.Initialize("",Me) job.Username=Main.api_user...
  13. S

    B4J Library PDF Creator and viewer

    Hello, Here are 3 classes : - PdfCreator : create PDF - PDFViewer : render PDF - clsFormPDF : form to preview PDF (Page navigation, Zoom, Print, Save) PdfCreator and PDFViewer wraps PDFBox You have to download pdfbox-app-2.0.20.jar and copy it in the additional folder You have to download...
  14. rgarnett1955

    Android Question xGraph - Treatment of NaN's

    Hi All, I have lots of real time data I use xGraph to display, however I run into trouble with missing data segments. I don't wish to fill them with a linear interpolation or some other trick, but rather to pad the missing data points with NaN. At the moment xGraph treats the NaN's as...
  15. A

    B4J Question b4j 8.3 error

    hi i made small program which has accordion ,webview and i got this error when i make release the program dosent run please help
  16. S

    B4J Library PDF Viewer with PDFBox

    Hello, This is a class 'clsPDFViewer' which use PDFBOX to render a pdf file. Use the form clsPDFPreview to preview a PDF file. You can browse pages, zoom in and out, print and save the pdf. You can add custom button for others actions. Don't forget to add the jar file...
  17. S

    Share My Creation Find used libraries (B4A, B4J,B4In B4R)

    Hello, Sometimes you want to clean the additionnal folder, but are you sure a library is used or not in your projects ? This app lists all the libraries found in your projets. Select a folder, check project's type and you got it! In the left listview are the libraries found. In the right...
  18. moster67

    B4J Code Snippet [B4X] Canvas - ensure free mouse drawing without gaps (smooth continuous drawing)

    EDIT: see posts #2 and #4 for better solutions thanks to Erel. There might be better ways but I have used DrawRect() method of the Canvas in the past when I want to do free mouse/hand drawing on the screen. However, very often DrawRect() skips some points, i.e., leaves gaps if one tries to draw...
  19. avalle

    B4J Question How to implement TLS client authentication in B4J server?

    Normally, a TLS client verifies the server’s certificate. It’s also possible for the server to require a signed certificate from the client. These are called Client Certificates. This ensures that not only the client can trust the server, but that the server can also trusts the client. Is this...
  20. Peter Simpson

    B4J Tutorial 💡 CID (Caller ID) - View incoming call details using your COM port modem

    Hello All, After looking on the forum and finding basically nothing regarding using B4J for CID (Caller ID) via home or basic business phone lines, I took out my V.92 USB modem and created this simple tutorial for B4J developers to learn from. NMBR=07931XXXXXX actually displayed my full mobile...