1. Rasoull

    Android Question multiple socket connection

    hi I have many users connecting to the server, the server side is written with b4j and I want to connect them one by one, what libraries can I use for this?
  2. K

    B4J Question Rearrange Visible Buttons

    Hello Everyone! I 'm new to B4x and I'm trying to create an app using B4XPages. I want to change the visibility of some buttons based on a certain value (done that). Moreover I want those buttons rearranged, so that the visible buttons would look better. For example if i had 5 Buttons and only...
  3. Arnaud

    B4J Question Googlemaps bug?

    Hello, Since 24-02-2023, I have problem with Google map library for all my project in B4j . the screen is white. So, I have tested with the example project "GoogleMapDemo" to be sure that the problem is not my API key, and I have the same problem. It seems that the problem is when the pane to...
  4. B

    B4J Question B4XTable Wordwrap

    Hi All. I picked up programming in B4A again after a few years and I have started to use B4J also. For my current project I use B4XPages, B4XTable and SQLite. I have searched the forums and looked at the teaching guides, but can't find the answer to the next question : How can I make B4XTable...
  5. W

    B4J Question [B4J] B4XListTemplate font change not working for its CLV?

    Attached the test project and the screenshot. The code is just this: Dim ListTemplate As B4XListTemplate Dim dlg As B4XDialog dlg.Initialize(MainForm.RootPane) dlg.Title = "Title - this is default font 12" dlg.TitleBarFont = xui.createDefaultFont(12)...
  6. W

    B4J Library [Class] [B4J] [SQLite] wmSQLiteSelectBuilder - a more or less graphical builder for SQLite SELECT statements

    As I don't use SQLite (or any other SQL) all the time and am no database expert, it's always a bit of a challenge to get the SELECT syntax right, specifically when relationships between tables (JOINs) come into play. There's that, and the fact that it was fun to develop (and I wanted to have the...
  7. teddybear

    Share My Creation [WebApp] A Simple Html Template Parser

    This is a mini template engine which can generate HTML dynamically by parsing templates on server-side. It is a bit like Django. 1. Templates A template is a text file which contains variables, tags. 1.1 Variable There are two types of template variables, one is common variable, the other is...
  8. C

    B4J Library [Custom View] Year Planner View

    This Year Planner View is my first effort at a custom view! It depends on jXUI, XUI Views, & B4XCollections. It displays every day in the selected year and returns the clicked day(s). A bunch of Designer Script Extensions are used to keep everything neat as the form is resized (credit to @Erel...
  9. SinaDeveloper

    Admob income

    Hello I am building a browser with b4a for Android and b4j for Windows. I really don't know if it will be profitable to use Admob ads or to add vip subscription! That's why I ask a few questions, please answer them: 1- In addition to Android, will it be possible to use AdMob in b4j? 2- Can I...
  10. R

    B4J Question Call PayPal Api to get transactions .... ChatGPT can't do it.

    Hi there, i ask ChatCPT to write a function to log into PayPal Account get the transactions and write them to a file. It should use a fakeApi Key for the example..... Sub LoginToPaypalAndGetTransactions(apiKey As String) 'Create a new HttpRequest Dim request As HttpRequest...
  11. S

    B4A Class [B4X] PDF Generator - B4X Cross Platform - Class 100% B4X Code

    Hi, This class (cPDF.bas) generate PDF File with limited fonctionnalities (but enough for me) Add pages with different paper size (use constants or custom size) PDF standards font (Courier, Helvetica, Times, Symbol and Zapfdingbats), style (Normal, Bold, Italic, Underline and StrikeThrough)...
  12. A

    Wish Minor improvement in modules tree view.

    Hi. I wonder if it would be easy to differentiate icon before listed subs (in modules tree) to distinguish private subs from public subs. Just a thought. Anyway, IDE is great. Andreas.
  13. W

    B4J Question B4XDialog resize not catching - what am I missing?

    When the main form is resized, I'd like the B4XDialog to be resized as well. However, I have the impression it just moves so that it remains centered on the form, and its dimensions don't change? Test project attached, and thanks in advance for any tips!
  14. james_sgp

    B4J Virus/Malware issues

    Hi, I'm having a lot of issues with my McAfee Anti-Virus and Malwarebytes quarantining my apps. It`s quarantining standalone apps, and now I`m trying to get my app to print to a printer (in debug mode) its quarantining that too. I do understand as Java is trying to open other windows and...
  15. erol34

    B4J Tutorial jSerial + AsyncStreamsText + com0com (virtual serial port)

    Hello friends, This is my first but not last post in forum :D When I checked B4J_chat.zip file in Erel's post, I see that there is an old .fxml designer file that can not be recognized by B4J 9.8. I succeed to convert 1.fxml to 1.bjl file and succeed to make communicate Hercules (a terminal...
  16. W

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Exception with ListSelectionView and B4XDialog? ("Button.disable : A bound value cannot be set.")

    Hi all, I hope someone can shed some light on this one. The attached project is intended to show a B4XDialog with a layout that contains a ListSelectionView from the jControlsFX9 library (the same happens with the jControlsFX library). When clicking either OK or Cancel on the B4XDialog, this...
  17. james_sgp

    B4J Question SD XUIScrollView2D , Horizontal Slider size

    HI, i`m using the SD XUI 2D slider library (version 0.13) in a B4J app but the horizontal slider doesn`t fill pane width (see picture). Pane is larger than screen, and object anchors are set to fill width? Can anyone help? Thanks, James
  18. stevel05

    B4J Library [B4j] Javax print wrapper for UI and non-UI apps.

    This is a wrap of the Javax print API. It is more complex to use than the Javafx print API but does have a few benefits such as being usable in non-UI apps and access to java Swing printable interface which makes it easy to print the content of swing nodes. The main example app contains an...
  19. A

    Share My Creation Books library1.0

    Hi All, i would like to share my humble contribution to this community , hope you like it it is an online books library where you can search and download books for any subject here is the UI snapshot: you can download and try it from here bookslibrary v1.0 please share your thoughts and...
  20. yo3ggx

    B4J Question Compiling b4j app for 32bit windows

    Hello everybody. I have a b4j 64bit application working with no issues. I want to make a build for 32bit Windows. If i just use the jar file with 32bit java8 from Oracle, I get the following error message: Exception in thread "JavaFX Application Thread" Exception in thread "main"...