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Question for Erel,
If i use B4XPages to Redo an Application that has already many activity

Let say in my main activity i have 50 pages

How does the memory of my tablet will be filled , does it mean all my layout will be loaded at once or they are loaded only
as i display them ?

Do i gain speed for display pages versus activity

in my understanding, when an activity finishes it release memory after the garbage .....

My Question is : Does B4XPages can handle many pages like we do it the old way " loading activities as we needed them" ?



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The memory usage will be similar to the memory usage with activities. The pages are created right before they are displayed. By default layouts are never removed with B4XPages however it is very simple to remove the layout when the page is closed and load it back when the page become visible again (in 99% of the cases it is a mistake to do it).
Do i gain speed for display pages versus activity
This is a preoptimization question. Both are very fast.
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