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P.S. Polls can only be done in Chit Chat; so I write this there.

I wrote here few minutes ago this post:
Just yesterday I was thinking of creating video tutorials, especially in Italian, before checking if those published by Erel were only on Vimeo and not on YouTube.
Having seen that they are also on YouTube, I gave up, as on this platform it is possible to activate subtitles in any language generated automatically (however imperfect, they will certainly be sufficient to understand everything).

If that unique Erel's video tutorial about B4XPages wasn't enough, I could do others. It all depends on the likes that this post will receive (and a little also on any donations šŸ˜„).
but it is "hidden", there. So I submit the question here, as poll.

Ehm... I no longer see here the possibility of creating a poll šŸ™„
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It's a great idea to make a tutorials.... Maybe you could add new information about using or managing objects or functions...
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