B4J Question B4XTable doesn't work


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Wooo, regarding to the questions of this day I suppose not to disturb !!!

With listview...

When I write

B4J doesn't accept 'addSingleLine'.
Description error : an error appeared line 60
ListView1.addSingleLine("item" & i)
Word: addsingleline

I've deleted and reloaded the library...the result is the same.
I've reloaded the software, the answer remains the same.
What's wrong in this case ?

Thanks much...when you'll have the time for answering!


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What are you trying to do?
It seems that you are confusing B4XTable and ListView.
B4XTable is a cross platform custom view which doesn't have an AddSingleLine method.
ListView is an Android view which has an AddSingleLine method but it doesn't exist in B4J !


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Thanks Klaus

Yes I did a big mistake missunderstanding some words. I only wanted to list items. I saw that the list and the list view answer to my project.
I did a confusion reading the web.
Know I've find what I can do.