1. E

    Android Question B4XDrawer and CustomListView

    Is there an example of using B4XDrawer and CustomListView with B4A?
  2. Mikhail ivan

    Android Question It won't allow me to load a second listview

    #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: True #IncludeTitle: False #End Region Sub Process_Globals End Sub Sub Globals ' Elelemntos que se cargan al cargar el diseño Dim ListView1 As ListView Dim Cont As Int = 0 Private ContRegCliente As Label Private...
  3. carlos7000

    Spanish Eliminar elementos de un ListView en B4J

    Hola. ¿Cómo elimino los elementos de un ListView en B4J? no encuentro el miembro o función .Clear por ejemplo: Listview.Clear
  4. Daniel44

    Android Question [SOLVED]How to Sum the items of a listView (Not count them)

    Hi everyone I'm working with a listview (I know that I must not be working with a lv but a clv but I guess If I work wit a CLv I'd have the same issues:)) I fill it by adding addTwoline with spinners value (spName and spPrice) LV1.AddTwoLines(spName.SelectedItem,SpPrice.SelectedItem) and...
  5. A

    B4J Question Feeling a little lost (to say the least)

    At first I thought, this program is great. I love the IDE. I love the seeming simplicity of it. But then...trying to do something really simple - create a list and add columns, and add rows. Should be simple. It is in Xojo. I've searched this forum, scanned the "documentation" ( a lot to be...
  6. Tilesoft

    Android Question Get applications notifications and display on my app

    Hi. Is it possible get other application notifications and display them on listview on my app?
  7. hamedafrough

    Android Question tag & sender

    Hello everyone I have a main activity that includes a multi-panel including ID, name and family. When I click on the name and family tags that are displayed together on a label, more details of the user information are displayed on another page, which also displays the information in a scroll...
  8. DALB

    Android Question Changing TextSize in ListView doesn't work !

    Hello, Always tiny things but big worry regarding to areas with this code lsvCartes.TwoLinesLayout.Label.TextSize=10 the textsize of the listview doesn't change whatever the textsize can be. How to solve this ? Thank you
  9. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] [XUI] ASTabMenu with xCustomListView Example

    Hello Forum, in this Example i want to show you, how to use the ASTabMenu togehther with the xCustomListView, to handle a lot of Tabs without getting into layout problems. Attached is a B4A Example. Result: How to use? it is easy. Add a xCustomListView to the form Add a new Form with only the...
  10. E

    Android Question Frozen ListView Problem

    Goodmorning everyone. In an very simple activity of my app I load a layout that, in the second half of the screen, has a listview and two buttons. So via code I create and populate a scrollist in the first half of the screen, For Each l_Attivita As Ty_Attivita In l_ListaAttivita...
  11. DALB

    B4J Question B4XTable doesn't work

    Wooo, regarding to the questions of this day I suppose not to disturb !!! With listview... When I write Listview1.addSingleLine(...) B4J doesn't accept 'addSingleLine'. Description error : an error appeared line 60 ListView1.addSingleLine("item" & i) Word: addsingleline I've deleted and...
  12. gainax00

    Spanish Item lado derecho

    Hola de nuevo tengo una duda: Cómo coloco un item "imagen" del lado derecho de un listview alguien sabe cómo hacer eso... Gracias de antemano
  13. D

    iOS Question Converting B4a to B4i with Listview

    I am converting a successful B4A app to B4i. I am trying to use TableView and then as I couldn't I started looking at CustomListView. I simply want to show a list and click on it and read the value What method do I use to get the clicked on a row in the table Here is my B4A code. I have spent...
  14. SayCheese

    Android Question DIPs, how independent are they really?

    Thinking about Device Independent Pixels I thought this must be the best thing since sliced bread. However, when I was playing around with listviews I noticed that a 85dips high layout loaded in a 85dips high listview item didn't fit. Although I thought it was a bit strange, I didn't think of it...

    Italian B4J :diversificare proprietà durante items.add

    Buongiorno a tutti, sapete dirmi se riesco a modificare qualche proprietà durante l'inserimento di una riga in una listview ? es: ListViewOrd.Items.Add(Riga) In base alla valore "Riga" vorrei cambiare il colore oppure il font del testo che vado ad inserire . Per non sconvolgere il lavoro...
  16. sina39000

    Android Question in code ListView property Change

    Hello A simple problem: How can i change ListView TextSize property in run time? Sub Process_Globals End Sub Sub Globals Private Button1 As Button Private EditText1 As EditText Private ListView1 As ListView End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)...
  17. H

    Android Question Listview RTL direction

    using this library by @Semen Matusovskiy Listview is not changed to RTL direction! any suggestion
  18. B

    Android Question Question regarding scrollview height ( + project attached )

    Hi, I try to create scrollview(A), then I load layout, and inside that I create : B. another layout C. panel inside that layout D. then, listview Question : 1. how to make the scrollview (A) & panel that hold listview (B) have dynamic height based on listview (D) height content ? 2. In...
  19. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD: XUI_Design

    Goodmorning everyone, We have often discussed in this forum in different threads about the need to be able to insert XUI from design. We all know that the direction that is suggested by AnyWhere software is to create in the design the native views and then replace B4XView to the type...
  20. iRobotD

    Spanish Mostrar mensajes de un .db al hacer click en listview B4A

    Buenas, soy nuevo en este mundillo y tengo un problema con mi código. Expongo la situación: Estoy trabajando en una aplicación de listados de fallos. A través de una base de datos .db muestro en un list view los fallos. Mi problema es que cuando hago clic encima de un item del list view quiero...