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Since B4XTable is a hot topic these days, I thought I mention a couple issues I encountered that will hopefully entice Erel to keep updating the library or pointing us to the right solution.

1. Is there a way to make the page number on the top left navigation button editable. In other words, you can type a page number to go to a specific page and also the ability to disable editing. To go to page 50 when you have 100 pages you have to navigate a page at the time.

2 When you have a large number of pages, the page number box in the navigation button breaks down in 2 separate line. If the page is 126, the 12 will be on one line and the number 6 below it, especially on smaller devices. Is there an easy way to change the parent width to adjust the position of all labels B4XDTable1. lblNumber, lblLast, lblNext, lblFirst, lblBack
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1. Might be added in the future. Though I think that there aren't many reasons to jump to page 50 out of 100. The user can use the filter box instead. If the specific data can be filtered or grouped in some other way then you should use the CreateDataView feature to help the users find the information they need.

2. This will be fixed. It should show at least three digits. If you need more then you can decrease the text size:
B4XTable1.lblNumber.TextSize = 12
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