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I need to create an iOS application that can check a web service for new "jobs" every 60 seconds or so.

I need this to carry on checking the web service even if the user presses the power button on the device (so it is "sleeping" not actually switched off).

If new jobs are found then the data needs to be downloaded to the device (small amount of data), this can happen either when the device is sleeping or when the user opens the notification and goes back into the app.

The process needs to carry on running if the user is actually using the app - keep checking for new jobs.

The app will be run over wifi only if this makes any difference.

Is this possible withe B4i?

Many thanks


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Thanks for the reply Erel.

Ideally have the app in the app store but the most important thing is background working.

If this means I can make the app with background service but not have the app in the store then this would be OK.
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