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Before anyone shouts at me for posting a B4J project in the B4A library topic you should know that it was Erel's idea to put it here! :)

BalToBasicIDE B4J project is an extension to Erel's BalConverter project that converts between the B4Adesigner layout files and JSON format. It has been extended to convert the Json layout file to a BasicIDE .b4s script file.

The purpose of this utility is to create a template file for a BasicIDE project which can then be moved to the device for further development. The template file will contain the control layout and boilerplate event code which can then be enhanced to provide the final project. By using the B4A Designer to lay out the controls much laborious typing and experimentation on the device can be avoided.

You will find a Readme.txt file in the root of the zip so just do it! There is also a CHM help file in the Help folder of the project.


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