B4J Tutorial [BANano] Live Code Swapping in v5 preview


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Hi all,

The upcoming new version of BANano (v5) will allow you to use one of the greatest features of B4X: Live Code Swapping!

This has always been a very productive and unique tool we have at our disposal when developing in B4X and will soon also be available in v5 of BANano for developing WebApps. Very few other Web Development tools can do this, but B4X will :)

This is a huge step in speeding up WebApp development. A sneak peek here:

Still quite some work and testing to do before release but I wanted to show you this because there have been some queries around debugging BANano from forum users.

BANano is a 100% free Website/App/PWA (Progressive Web Apps) library with Abstract Designer support for B4J: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...library-with-abstract-designer-support.99740/