B4J Question [BANano] VPS required or not ?


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It may be a very silly stupid question that I am asking here.

I know how ABMaterial works, I have done a project using ABMaterial and is working fine now.

I have never tried BANano till now. My knowledge level in Website, HTML, CSS etc are zero. While developing ABMaterial application, I never had the need the knowledge of HTML/CSS etc, ABMaterial takes care of it. Thanks to AlwaysBusy for providing us ABMaterial.

I know that to run/host the ABMaterial Web application, I need a VPS server.

In the case of BANano also is it so ? ie Do I need a VPS server ?
Is the BANano app project's output is pure HTML/CSS files so that I can host it on any Webhosting company's server without the need of a VPS?

I found a posting here by our friend Mashiane regarding Developing BANano and UOENow based website with free hosting

In that post, Mashiane has mentioned it as a free web hosting and I don't believe that any company will give free VPS server. There are companies that provide free web hosting where we are allowed to upload our Website contents (HTML/CSS/Php files) and then run the website, but not a VPS server. Hence I came to the assumption that BANano app's output would be pure HTML/CSS files.

Can I get a confirmation whether my assumption is right or not?

Any information clarifying my doubts will be appreciated


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That's the beauty with BANano, NO VPS Required
Yes, this is great. More choices of server

I will be exploring their MySQL as I'm just learning the PHP + BANano + MySQL intergration at the moment.
The kind of websites/Webapp that I am interested in will be the ones with database driven/connected pages.

Maybe a month later, I will start to study, understand the concepts of BANano.

As of now, one major difference between ABMaterial and BANano which I understood is that in BANano,
  • VPS server is optional in BANano.
  • Unlike ABMaterial (jar + required html, css, JAVA scripts etc), BANano App is not .jar file, instead, it will create the necessary html/css etc. Am I right here ?

The concept of ABMaterial vs BANano's progressive web app OR single page application etc is just flying over my head, yet to understand what difference that it makes. What are the advantages of changing/moving from ABMaterial to BANano etc


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Maybe a month later, I will start to study, understand the concepts of BANano.
Hey jah... we are like on the same boat. I wish there was a thread on BANano for Dummies. Like I'm just starting to learn how to create views using the designer and Im so clueless about the different loadlayout methods, thus I preferred to use code instead to code so that my clients. The only reason for blogging my experiences is for others in case they are experiencing the same and also share but it seems like most people are either quiet or either not using it or either not even knowing where to start at all.


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what difference that it makes
I've tried to show this in the overview, see https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...with-abstract-designer-support.99740/#content

It really depends on what app you are making, how good your knowledge of javacript/css/html is, if you want to use all B4J libraries (e.g. to do some access to the hardware for rPi apps) etc...

In ABM, everything is all scripted for you: no big layout or components surprises, no worries about security, mixed css etc. But you are of course also a bit fixed to what ABM can do (you can get a bit creative with ABMCustomComponents, but that is it). ABM is build on top of B4J's proven jServer library, which can handle a lot of users, is very secure and very easy to program.

In BANano, no limits, but you are responsible for everything. Or to quote our friendly neighbourhood spiderman: "With great power comes great responsibility"



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BANano for Dummies.
Hummm, Sounds familiar ...

With great power comes great responsibility
You funguy....

In BANano, no limits, but you are responsible for everything
THAT scares the crap out of me! I don't want to be responsible for anything (just ask my x - she will tell you)!

With ABM being so structured, so many components - so wonderful!

With BANano, here is the extent of my knowledge:
Chapter 1: Getting Started.
a) your guess is as good as mine. I wish I knew...
The End.
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