Share My Creation [BANano] Walts B4xGoodies Explorer Using BVAD3


Version 1.01 released with speed improvements due to BANAnoSQL bulk inserts

This is just to showcase one of the projects we will be doing in class @


This features..

1. Downloading the xlsm file from dropbox using BANanoAxios directly inside the app. BANanoAxious works like BANanoFetch or Ajax, however makes life easy. Its just a personal option.
2. Using BANanoExcel (OXML) to read the file and import it to IndexedDB using AlaSQL aka BANanoSQL.
3. Backup & Restore IndexedDB to external text file i.e. json file
4. How to use BANanoPromise & BANano.Await.
5. Adding Gradients & Tooltips to your BVAD3 Elements
6. CRUD functionality with BANanoSQL
7. Creating Lists, Chips, ChipGroups etc.
8. Designing Grids
9. Reactive State & Freezing State to be non-reactive.
10. Passing parameters / query strings to pages
11. Badges, Events
12. Creating a hidden file input and clicking it to show the file selector
13. Vue Life Cycle and many many more.

B4XGoodies is an awesome project started by Walt @

It has helped me before create an OverView Creator as discussed here:

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Walts B4xGoodies has been published and is running on github, you can access it here:

If you open the link and you don't see any badge numbers on the icons.. (like this)


You need to Restore the database. Why - this apps uses BANanoSQL (IndexedDB) as a backend database, which is web based.

Then, download this file first. 04_05_BVAD3_B4XGoodies_BackUp.json

On the app, click the hamburger and click Restore, when prompted, select the file and be patient... unti it finishes.


After that you are good to go!



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Version 1.01 released.

This has improved speed when creating the underling BANanoSQL database due to the bulk insert functionality added.

Example source code

'execute a bulk import
    Dim rsB4xGoodies As BANanoALASQLE 
    rsB4xGoodies.Initialize("b4xgoodies", "b4xgoodies", "id", "id") 
    rsB4xGoodies.Result = db.ExecuteWait(rsB4xGoodies.query, rsB4xGoodies.args) 
    Select Case rsB4xGoodies.OK 
    Case False 
        Dim strError As String = rsB4xGoodies.Error 
    End Select