B4J Tutorial [BANano] Walts B4xGoodies Explorer Using BVAD3 on Mobile Device


Fortunately one can access the b4xgoodies via a WebApp on their mobile devices. In this video below, we detail how one needs to:

Steps to reproduce on your Mobile Device

1. Visit https://mashiane.github.io/Walts-B4XGoodies-using-BVAD3/
2. Select the hamburger button and select Tools > Get Walts (this downloads the B4xGoodies from the google drive)
3. Tools > Load Walts - (upload the file you had just downloaded) and import it.

Wait until the IndexedDB is loaded with the items of the latest contents. Each time there are changes to the original dropbox download, you need to perform steps 1 to 3.

You are now able to access the awesome contents of Walts B4xGoodies on your mobile device.