B4J Tutorial [BANanoVueMaterial] How to ask questions, request help, report bugs and request enhancements + Telegram Channel


Thanks for showing interest in BANanoVueMaterial. This is a rabbit hole that you will surely enjoy in your coding with VueJS.

A lot can be lost in translation, we speak different languages and at times English is not our first language. For example, I speak Xhosa, an African mother tongue. To help each other out when asking questions about this library, can I please recommend this?

Q. What are you trying to achieve?

Here detail as much as you can what you want to achieve at the end. Remember, a demo has been provided with all the source code to make and demonstrate how Vuetify works with BANano. This means that if you don't replicate what is there to make your app work, it wont work, but there are exceptions, you want to do something that is not documented in the demo.

You can even attach a flowchart to indicate what you want to achieve. Try Pencil to do that. Remember, prefix your question with [BANAnoVueMaterial]

Q. How to reproduce your problem?

If you are facing a problem with your code, attach a well commented example project. This helps me understand your code. We don't have the same coding styles and our minds work differently. Some of us understand things easier and quicker and some don't. We want to be on the same page to resolve an issue, lets help each other out. This goes for reporting bugs, be precise as possible, whether you are indicating a bug on the designer or the demo or even the library itself. Writing things in point form is usually for your own understanding, please be clear and precise, I work better with details.

Q. How to report a bug

This library gets updated frequently and sometimes things break. The speed of Vuetify releases is tremendous so we have to keep up. When reporting bugs, please indicate clearly where the bug is. We will attend to it depending on the time we have. Please depending on what you are tying to achieve, don't write misleading information.

Q. How to request an enhancement

The limitation of this library is only based on what Vuetify can produce, however not everything there is implemented. If you see something on their site that is not included in BANanoVuetify, just drop me a link of that component and we can see what we can do based on available time. Remember, some things are easy to implement, some not, and some don't work at all. The dependency on that is my understanding of how to implement such using BANano and whether its possible or not. There are some things that we cannot do due to how BANano is created as it was never meant for this actually. That's not BANanos fault hey and we appreciate all the help we get! As this is not a full time gig, be prepared to be patient.

Things to understand

1. If you don't explore the demo code examples and learn from that, you are bound to fail.
1. If you don't do some VueJS learning, you are bound to fail. This is for your own good. I cannot re-emphasize this. BANanoVueMaterial is based on Vuetify, which is based on VueJS. I have wrapped some of the concepts of VueJS on this thread.
2. If you don't do some Vuetify learning, you are bound to fail. BANanoVueMaterial is a wrap of an existing framework. I have tried to make it easy to use as possible. With that we are improving documentation and also adding enhancements etc etc. Vuetify has a lof of things that are not included in the demos as these are just basic. If you want to be a BANanoVueMaterial Ninja, head there.

I thank you.


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