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BVAD3 is currently based on VueJS 2 and Vuetify 2. As you might be aware, VueJS 3 is now the standard and VueJS 2 has come to end of life when it comes to support. Vuetify 2 will also be coming to end of life when it comes to support.

There has not been any upgrades to BVAD3 to work with VueJS 3 and Vuetify 3 yet, because, the Vuetify LLC has not yet finalized porting over Vuetify 2 components to Vuetify 3. This is inclusive of most components that are mostly used. So in the mean time, whilst BVAD3 is still working properly without any breaks, there is nothing to worry about.

Below I am including the 2024 roadmap from the Vuetify Team, which will impact our delivery for a new BVAD4. We are planning to do a complete overhaul once the Vuetify Team complete its work on the upgrade. So far tests with VueJS3 and Vuetify 3 have yielded good results but we rather be patient and then work on a complete product once and for all.

Whether one can just plug and play with the new coming BVAD4 into existing projects, is something we will see.

PS: By end of life it means no new features will be added and bug fixes and maintenance has stopped in favour of new versions.

IMPORTANT: BVAD3 is compatible with BANano 7.37 downwards. Due to developments in BANano, version 8.19+ breaks BVAD3. We have requested help to find solutions and we will keep you posted.

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Kind Regards

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