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Hi there

The creation of the Package Manager (which you will run yourself to tree-shake your BVAD3 package for your app), has started. So far my theories about this are rather simple.


1. You get the free BVAD3 package manager and run it.
2. You upload the master BVAD3 Library
3. You upload your BVAD3 project
4. An analysis of used resources, components is done
5. A new BVAD3 package is produced that suits your specific project.

  • All unused resource files that come with the BVAD3 library are eliminated, you leave only those you will use.
  • All unused components are eliminated, you leave only those actually used in your app.
  • All unused css, image files, js files are eliminated, you leave only those you actually use in your app.
  • The size of the final BVAD3 library for your specific project is reduced tremendously. For example, if your app uses 10 / 171 components/classes (excluding css, images, js), only 10 will be part of the actual code and the rest removed.
  • You need to run the package manager each time you deploy your app. If you want.
  • This means rebuilding a tinier version of BVAD3 specific to your project each time you have a new project.
  • You might just have a lot of BVAD3 b4xlibs, however each BVAD3 re-package will have your project name as prefix, e.g. WarehouseBVAD3.b4xlib which you can reference on your BVAD3 project.
Watch this space..

PS: Currently the BVAD3 file upload for step 1 is complete. We are still planning and executing a good way forward. BTW, the BANano library does have functionality to detect and remove dead code in its transpiler options, this here is to address challenges specific to BVAD3 pre dead code removal by BANano.

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How to use the BANanoVuetifyAD3 Package Manager - Phase 1

1. Zip your project via B4J.
2. Zip the BVAD3 project library via B4J / download zip from GitHub.

To zip, use this icon on the toolbar.


Step 1

Upload the zip BVAD3 library source. This is unzipped and extracted for temporal use.

Step 2

Upload your zipped project. This is unzipped and extracted for temporal use.

Step 3

View the current analysis of breakdown of resources. All resources that are just single ones are not counted. Only 2 and more resource extensions are counted.

Watch this space!

Download BVAD3 Library
Download BANanoVuetifyAD3 Package Manager - Phase 1


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How to use the BANanoVuetifyAD3 Package Manager - Phase 2 (Cross Referencing .bas files)

Q: Which .bas files in BVAD3 are used in your project?
A. App performs a cross reference using the class names from BVAD3 against project.

In this phase, after uploading both the BVAD3 zipped source and your Project zipped source. An analysis is done.

An internal cross reference of the .bas files is done. This indicates how the BVAD3 library classes are cross linked (i.e. one used in another class)
The second leg then compares the project .bas files and how they reference the BVAD3 library.

The current analysis shown (left) indicates the number of resources both on theBVAD3 library and then used on your project bases on the file extension type.
We then cross reference the bvad3 library class names to your project to find which bvad3 bas files are used in your library.

PS: Updated sources in same location as per previous post.