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Android Question barcode & QR recognition in portrait mode

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by leitor79, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. leitor79

    leitor79 Active Member Licensed User


    I've using this example and, after the last update that fixed the red rectangle position, I can't manage to use in portrait mode.

    Before, I've done this:
    If 100%x < 100%y Then
    100%x - br.GetField("y"),tl.GetField("x") , 100%x - tl.GetField("y"),  br.GetField("x"))
                       r.Initialize(tl.GetField("x"), tl.GetField("y"), br.GetField("x"), br.GetField("y"))
    End If
    But now, since (I think) there are scales involved, the "100%x -... " doesn't work.

    I've tried the following:

    - Uncommenting TR and BL points, since them would be the "new" TL and BR when the phone is (un)rotated.

    - Use them for initialization: r.initialize(bl.getfield("x"), bl.getfield("y"), tr.getfield("x"), tr.getfield("y"))

    - Scaling according the rotation:
    If 100%x < 100%y Then
                        r.Left = r.Left * yscale
                        r.Right = r.Right * yscale
                        r.Top = r.Top * xscale
                        r.Bottom = r.Bottom * xscale
                        r.Left = r.Left * xscale
                        r.Right = r.Right * xscale
                        r.Top = r.Top * yscale
                        r.Bottom = r.Bottom * yscale
    End If
    Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you!
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