Basic4PPC vs Visual Studio

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I also like B4PPC for its advantages. There are so many of them. :sign0188:

For me the only problem with B4PPC is its speed. :(

However Erel promised that speed of B4PPC will be increased much in future upgrade.:sign0060:


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Hi all,

As the person who started the thread let me say thankyou very much for all your replies. I decided to purchase the full version yesterday and after compiling my first application I've found that it runs very slowly on the device (a Toshiba e310). I guess due to my inexperience I've probably programed inefficiently however, are there any tricks out there to speed up device performance?

BTW The application is a type of calculator using tables. For the input I've generated a soft number keyboard for use with fingers rather than the stylus.

Thanks again,



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Welcome JT.

I hope you will enter your app into our little competition if we finally decide to go with the calculator idea.
See this thread to find out more

I too found B4PPC slow at first but then that causes you to rethink how you write your program :confused:

Try not to loop round more than is necessary.
Use the DoEvents keyword which can often help to display results on the screen whilst calculations are still being processed.
And of course, you can always ask for our help and we'll often do whatever we can.

If you want to speed up the device then search for registry tweaks.
I'm running WM5 and have tweaked the GLYPHCACHE and FATFS settings to give my X51v a little boost.

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