Share My Creation Basketball Scoreboard & Player Statistics Display Board

I just thought I'd share some video of the app in use that I was able to complete by courtesy of @Erel updating JMQTT to support websockets as per this thread.

All done with B4J, the app has two forms, with one the UI to set various parameters:


while the second is fullscreen which displays a basketball venue scoreboard via a serial interface to the venue scoreboard controller and player nos/names, points and fouls for each team adjacent to a "blue screen" rectangle so it can be used as an overlay in video mixing software such as vMix or OBS to show game video, sponsor info, etc.:

Player Board.png

The displayed player nos/names, points and fouls data is sourced using an MQTT based API to access data uploaded in real time by courtside Statisticians.

The video is actually the output of the vMix which I display on a large video screen in the stadium to enhance the spectators experience and it can be seen that the player points and fouls update shortly after the action occurs:


Read about the journey I've been on to arrive at this point in a B4X Blog entry.
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I should add that with the great assistance of @moster67 who wrapped a NdiDevolay library in response to this post, in lieu of using the blue screen effect with vMix or OBS, I developed a version of the app which could receive and display video sent via NDI over a local network directly. NDI is quite demanding on resources and work on that particular version continues in the background.


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This is incredible work, congratulations. I assume all the score updates come over Mqtt vs a mobile app? I came here from the Facebook post and there was mention of a B4R component - what aspect of this did you use for B4R? Again totally awesome and looks like you could sell this :)


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Thanks @miker2069.

The data warehouse provider API uses MQTT and they licence that for use in custom applications like mine. The general public can access scores from the League website or on a mobile with the NBL app.

In this B4X Blog I mention that B4R has been used to code an ESP8266 variant of the protocol converter which sends the venue scoreboard data to the display laptop using UDP via WiFi where hard wired cabling is not possible. Here are a couple of pics which show it has a 6 button LCD user interface to setup the WiFi connection.

WiFi Interface Unit Internal Viewx.jpgWiFi Scoreboard Interface Unitx.jpg

Having a USB port, it can operate in hard wired mode also, just like the original LeoStick version which I coded using the Arduino IDE back in 2015 before I became familiar with B4R.

I've no intention to commercialise this work. I'm a retired RF engineer who does it to help my local basketball club, the Ringwood Hawks and to keep my mind active, but I have provided a few protocol converters with the associated display software to other clubs who also wanted to add the scoreboard overlay to their livestreams.