Wish Being able to disable Auto Backup on a per project basis

Peter Simpson

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Hello Anywhere software,
Whilst I was creating the world population PreoptimizedCLV tutorial which I uploaded last night, I was forced to disable the Tools > IDE Options > Auto Backup option. As I had a lot of flags in the project, every time the Auto Backup was running, the IDE froze for a couple of seconds.

The problem is that when you then work on a new or old project, the Auto Backup option is still disabled and no longer backing up any newly entered lines of code. I only noticed that the IDE was no longer backing up my newly created project when I was looking at the files and noticed that there was no backup folder.

My suggestion would be for you to add a new attribute, something like this.


If you added one of the attributes above, then B4X developers can leave the Auto Backup always enabled in the IDE and only disable it on a per project basis. This way if a developer has to disable Auto Backup like I had to for the world population tutorial, then Auto backup will not be disabled in any other project. I personally feel that being able to disable Auto Backup on a per project basis is important, disabling the feature in the IDE just disables it for all projects.

Or am I missing something here.

Thank you...


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Or perhaps even:
#AutoBackup: True

Not having it set defaults to being active. Set to false to disable for the project.