Bug? Beta4.0: SetLayoutAnimated first scales CheckBoxes


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I tried to animate a Checkbox to a new position and size with the new View.SetLayoutAnimated().

This looks strange, because the Checkbox first gets scaled up and then move/scales to the new position.

Added an example. The effect is most visible on a tablet.


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This is not a bug.

The size change animation works by changing the view's scale property. The scale is set based on the target size. In some cases you will see a "strange" scale effect when the animation starts. It is especially visible if the change is between a large size to a small size.

I found out that the current implementation is better than starting from the original size and scaling it to the target size. In that case the animation ends with a similar jumpiness and it is more substantial.


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So, we can not expect a fix to this?

Just so I know if I should leave the code in and hope it'll be fixed later, or rework it so that it doesn't resize, just move.