Android Question Blank space in bottom of the activity

Hi everyone, I'm here for an other newbie question, I made a layout in the designer and I have a blank space when I try it on my phone, even though I set the views in the script so that they fit to the the entire screen.

I need a menu to have a vertical scrolling so I loaded the layout with this method :

Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    scrollview1.Panel.Height = pan1.Height
    scrollview1.Panel.Width = pan1.Width
End Sub

Here's the layout in the designer :

designer layout.PNG

and here's the result on my phone :

phone screen.png

I thought I was doing everything fine until I saw this blank space. However, it appears to be only when the phone is rotated on portrait mode. Is there a way I can fix this ?
Thanks for your reply @Erel I just need to ask : what if I have a more complex layout with more views, should I delete the script too (I know it is not a very precise question) ? And will increasing the panel height cause problems on devices with other sreen sizes ? Thanks again for taking the time to reply
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