B4J Question BLE on Win10 via laptop BLE module insided (not dongle)


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I ran "Bluetooth.b4j" application which is downloaded from here and question how to make it work.
I bought Silab thunderboard (BLE solution evm kit) and could see data is coming via BLE on Android phone with B4A BLE example code.
And I'm trying to scan and search thunderboard from Win10 laptop using laptop included BLE module.
I have connected thunderboard from "Bluetooth and other devices" so I think its connection between Win10 and thunderboard is no problem.
And I have ran "Bluetooth.b4j" application and tried to scan device and couldn't find any of them even thought thunderboard is blinking its LED continuously.



I wanted to make sure whether thunderboard can connect to PC via BLE with B4J solution but I cannot make it.
Can someone give me some hints how to make it work, scan/find device/connect to and so on?
Actually I want to see data from thunderboard via B4J application.

Many thanks.