Android Question BLE2 Library with Service Problem


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Hi All....

I'm making an application for connection with BLE device.
The application can run properly through the service,
but when android idle [or Activity (Main) Pause] [or screen is off]
then the application does not run (for BLE device scans),
it looks like "Manager_DeviceFound" does not work,
but if android is active then the application back to normal.

Thank You...



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Thank you Erel 🙏
I've done as you suggested, but it's still not working...
what's wrong with my code ?

Thank you...


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The OS is not kill app and code still run, only paused (run "Activity_Pause" from main)
and stop "Manager_DeviceFound" from service

I have tried this app : Background location tracking
and insert my BLE code to the service, than GPS Tracking and BLE code can run properly,
but after android into sleep mode only the GPS tracking works, not for BLE code

Thank You Erel
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