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Is there any fundamental difference in the usage of WriteData between B4A and B4I ?

I have an app running in B4A that transfers a few Kb of data between a device and phone.
The data is transfered in blocks of 512 bytes. After each block is received the phone increments a counter (a characteristic) and writes it back to the device.
This signals the device to prepare and send the next block.

Running in B4I, I only get the first block always.
I think the counter / characteristic is not being written back to the device and thus, it always sends the same one.
In the meantime I "discovered" WriteDataWithComplete and tested.

Makes no difference. Strangely I have a log statement inside the WriteComplete event and it never gets triggered...
BTW - is it WriteComplete or WriteCompleted ?
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BTW - is it WriteComplete or WriteCompleted ?
Many ways to see it in the IDE:

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