1. G

    Share My Creation Application on Microsoft Store

    Happy to share that we have our first app accepted on the Microsoft Store: SQI Test and Report The whole process was quite simple and straight forward: - build your app in B4J - use B4J integrated packager to produce the app installation Setup - include this installation Setup (exe file) to...
  2. P

    iOS Question RequestMTU in iOS ?

    Is there an equivalent to RequestMTU for B4I ?
  3. P

    iOS Question BleManager.WriteData

    Is there any fundamental difference in the usage of WriteData between B4A and B4I ? I have an app running in B4A that transfers a few Kb of data between a device and phone. The data is transfered in blocks of 512 bytes. After each block is received the phone increments a counter (a...
  4. G

    Share My Creation SQI Test and Report (Early Access)

    SQI Test and Report (Early Access) Uploaded on Google Play as Open Testing. Few words on the app: - Designed specifically for Steam Quality Testing. - B4XPages based. Some pages using Landscape orientation and so they are separate activities. - Collect and manage steam testing results. - input...
  5. amorosik

    Android Question How to check if my device is Bluetooth Low Energy capable?

    How to check if your device is usable to communicate with other devices using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol? I mean, how to check if my smartphone can communicate with a sensor that is expressly specified to communicate via BLE? And how to check if my smartphone operate via 'central' or...
  6. M

    Android Question BLE 5.1

    I bought HLK-B40 (BLE 5.1) and try to connect - no result (but connection is OK with HM-10 - BLE 4.0) is it any difference between 4.0 and 5.1 BLE?
  7. M

    Android Question Sending large data(BLE)

    Hi, i'm trying to send a string which has more then 20 chars. For this i use RequestMtu Sub Manager_Connected (services As List) manager.RequestMtu(80) End Sub But nothing happens. This event doesn't output anything either: Sub Manager_MtuChanged (Success As Boolean) Log("MTU: " &...
  8. MList

    iOS Question B4X Pages and BLE

    🙈 Hello, my next problem My pgm B4i and B4a (later also B4j) is working with B4XPages. Where should i define the BLE manager ? (in B4XPages or in Main?) And where to initialize the manager? (in B4XPages or in Main?) How can I manage to access BLEManager from all pages.... Thanks for...
  9. chardenal

    Android Question BLE disconnect

    Hello, I have tested the BLE 2 example (link below) for Android with 2 BLE device (RN4678 and Ebyte E104-BT40). Location is enable, but when I try to connect, I receive "disconnect" result just few second after. This with android 7, android 8 and android 10. When I try with the BLE scanner...
  10. F

    Android Question B4A App runs fine with Android 5 will not run with Samsung phone running Android 10

    I'm missing something.. So, I decided to reach out.. I have a B4A/BLE app that runs like a fine sewing machine on a cheap WalMart LG phone running Android 5.1.1. Try to run the very same app on a Samsung S10 running Android 10 and it refuses to connect via BLE. I've checked all of the usual...
  11. I

    Android Question BLE Scan2

    Hi There Is there a reason why BLE Scan2 doesn't find all bluetooth devices listed under System Settings->Bluetooth->Available devices? I am using B4A 10.2, BLE2 (1.38). I also tried using the BLE2 sample code. I am getting the same results. The manager is initialized as follows...
  12. P

    Android Question How to retrieve a Characteristic value from its UUID ?

    Using the BLE2 library, from the documentation it's not clear to me how to read a characteristic value, knowing its UUID (and of course after a connection is already open). In the Documentation, ReadData2 (Service As String, Characteristic As String) Are the Service and Characteristic...
  13. S

    Android Question [SOLVED] BLE Stops finding devices

    I am using the BLE2 Library V1.38 and the latest B4A. The app is used to calibrate BLE-based equipment that I designed and generally works well. The company selected a generic tablet to issue to the calibration companies, the idea being that a standard device is easier to support, even though it...
  14. solutionhacker

    Android Question BLE Peripheral as HID keyboard

    Hello all, I would like to write an Android app that allows the phone to act like a Bluetooth HID keyboard. I want to send keystrokes and commands from the app to a BIuetooth-enabled computer. Is that possible with the BLE Peripheral library? Can someone please show me an example of how it is...
  15. M

    Android Question Connect and manage a scp32 chip with the B4A framework

    Good morning I ask for support for the following situation, my programmer who is developing the app with B4A needs to connect in BT on a scp32 chip, through the app we should not only receive data like the weight or height of a person, we will have to raise and lower a rod and slide a scale...
  16. walterf25

    B4J Question jBluetooth Pairing

    Hello everyone, i have written an app which searches for a certain device UID, I have a B4A app running on a device which is running Android 8.0 which basically just listens when the B4J app tries to connect, I followed @Erel 's tutorial here, My question is this, everything seems to work only...
  17. T

    Android Question Turning on Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi 3 running Android Things

    Hi All, I have installed Android Things in a Raspberry Pi 3 board. I am trying to use the BLE2 v1.37 library of B4A v8.80 on this device. I am getting the message "Not powered on." when I run the code below. If Manager.State <> Manager.STATE_POWERED_ON Then Log("Not powered on.") Else If...
  18. M

    Android Question Connect to BLE DSD Relay board

    Hi Evreyone, I'm traying to comunicate with with a BLE DSD Relay Board to send commands to activate/deactivate relay. Using the instructions in the post I've done the connection with the board, but I don't know how to...
  19. MarkusR

    Android Question BLE (Bluetooth) and Baud rate

    i wonder how i can change the baud rate if me using this ble library. 9600 works but i will use 115200 baud.
  20. MarkusR

    Android Question [solved] BLE2(1.37) i did not receive data

    hi, i have this structure: arduino serial monitor window - pc - usb - arduino mega - bt le modul - phone - ble2 example app ble2 example app find the bt device and connect but if me send data from pc via arduino it seems it not receive it, means it not appear in the window. but this works...