Android Question BluetoothAdmin - Connection closed after each sent message


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I can more or less successfully communicate with the Python service on my Raspberry from this example:

Unfortunately I get after every send the message "Astream_Error bt socket closed, read return: -1", but the server is sending the correct answer before.

No error is shown on the server side. After a reconnect everything works as before.

I catch the error like this:
Private Sub AStream_Error
   Log("Astream_Error " & LastException.Message)
The connection setup works with serial.Connect as well as with the UID (serial.Connect2(...))

What is the problem here?

Thanks and greetings


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AsyncStreams is not in prefix mode.

I'm using python because I'm familiar with it (more or less). With B4J I would first have to learn how to run a program as a service.


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