Wish I would rather have bookmarks than edit history

Which would you rather have?

  • Edit History (yellow and green bar on left of editor)

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I think one reason that bookmarks were removed in Version 5 was a column showing edit history was added to the left of the edit area and there is not room to have this as well as a bookmarks column.

Personally I do not attach any value to the edit history, but I find it very difficult to work without bookmarks.

So please can we have our bookmarks back?


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History navigation (Alt+n) helps a little, but would like bookmarks back as well.


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Is there any update on when you might be adding the "bookmarks" feature back into B4A?


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Is there any update on adding a bookmark feature, or at least a hint why it is a difficult feature to add?

Even if the bookmarks weren't persistent between IDE sessions (like VB6), it would still be better then no bookmarks at all :)


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I will describe the currently available navigation related features:

1. Alt + Left / Alt + Right - Moves backwards and forwards based on the navigation stack. This is useful to jump back and forth between the last recent subs.

2. Alt + N - Opens the navigation stack menu. You can then choose the location with the up and down keys.

3. If you are working on two locations in the same module then you can split the code editor (it can be split again vertically):

4. If you are working with multiple modules:

5. Ctrl + E - searches for sub or module. Very useful when working with large projects.

6. F7 - Find all references. Not exactly related to navigation but is also useful when working with large projects.

7. Ctrl + Click on any sub or variable to jump to the declaration location.

8. Ctrl + F - Index based quick search. If you really miss the bookmark feature then you can easily implement a similar solution (actually better) with comments such as:

Now you just need to press on Ctrl + F and enter b_ (if it is not already there).


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Hi all. "Beginner's Guide" Edition 3.2 ( Last update: 2015.12.08 )
i see this:

What mean ??
That Bookmark comeback on the new version or what ??
Thank you


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If you haven't seen it I'm getting along fine with Erel's suggestion of using comments and the search function. Sorry I can't find the post to link to, but add lines like:
'b_ Comment
and search(Ctrl + F) for "'b_" will list all of the 'b_ 's and comments, so you get a structure as well.


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Oh, yes. I thought I saw it somewhere else as well. But well worth re-iterating.