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Hi all! I'm :sign0104: at this and I'm checking b4ppc features and capabilities in order to use it for my first ppc app.

I'm interested on building an app that use the bottom menu bar (the one that has the SIP indicator) which for what I read on MSDN it is created on VB with "Me.Menu = New MainMenu()" and on C# with "this.Menu = new MainMenu();"

Is this available on b4ppc? if so, how?

to be honest, I haven't tried at all, I'm still on research and learn mode :rolleyes: but on a quick documentation/forum review couldn't find any references to something like this. :(


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Welcome Zemog,

B4PPC has it's own menu which you create using the Form designer. Items can also be added during runtime though if needed.
You could also check out the ToolBar library, I've not used this myself yet but it might be exactly what your looking for.



Hmmm... not quite the same

Thank you randomcoder for your quick reply.

As you suggested I've checked the toolbar lib, but it is not quite what I'm looking for. It seems to me that the menu is more a standard .Net CF object.

I'd like to use that to be able to take advantage of the soft buttons on some devices, and it looks to me that the OS adjusts the bar depending on the presence of those buttons.

Take a look at an application (spbFinance) that uses the bottom menu. Notice how its shown on each device, the Jornada doesn't have soft buttons while the htc wizard does. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the former runs on PPC 2003 OS and the latter on WM5.


So, in the HTC Wizard, the menu options can be selected either with the stylus or with the soft buttons, which is great for single hand operation


Great! thank you Erel!

So, if I understand you right, if I make a menu with just two items, the os will show it on the bottom.

I will try it later, my development pc is busy now :(

Hmmm... and why on the ppc 2003 it also appears on the bottom instead of the top?


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In the IDE the menu items apear on TOP but in run time they apers on BOTTOM...I think that this is what trobled you?....


Yup! that was it :sign0060: As Erel said, it is handled by the OS, if the menu contains only two main items the first one appears above the left softkey while the second appears above the right softkey and the SIP icon in the middle. If the menu has more items they are shown left to right and the SIP is show to the far right.

And as cableguy noted, the confusion was due to the fact that on the desktop the menu appears on top, so I thought that I had to do something special.

Thanks to all, case closed ;)