Android Question Bug ? (edittext seen as label)


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Hi guys, I have a problem while checking the type of a view (don't know if previous versions of B4A are affected, mine is 9.30).

Dim T As EditText
    T.Text="My Text Value"
    If T Is Label Then
        Log("IS A LABEL")
    End If
The EditText object is recognized as a Label (the LOG says: IS A LABEL) !
It is a problem when using GetAllViewsRecursive in a panel populated at runtime....
Is it a bug or inheritance ? If it is inheritance, please tell me how to replicate this feature, sounds interesting...
OR ELSE: is there any other way for type-checking ?

Thank you


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Ok, so with IS instead of GetType,

no way to use the Select case statement ...

to check the Type of Object ?


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- perfect, it's better for me.

- in this case also, it s necessary to check the Label at the end, as said Agraham above ?