B4J Code Snippet Calculate the mobile feasts day of the year


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Hi all,

I needed to calculate some mobile feasts day in a B4J application, plus it be must match with some not worked days in Germany.
ie for mobile days, the holy friday, Assumption thursday, the Whit Monday, and other fixed dates
So i searched on forum a solution, i saw this thread, but even if there are good ideas, ie the Sorex solution or Manfred's approach. The solution given by Sorex didn't work on years, 2007, 2011 and of course 2021 for Easter.
Thread about Easter day

So, i searched on Web and found a not too bad solution on Wikipedia, french version, the link is in the code.
But of course not adapted on B4J, we can dream, no ? 🤣

So if someone need the same, attached a small project who give you the Easter day and some other mobile feasts day in the year.
You can try anf verify on the web with several years in the application, many websites give the days not worked on several years.
Be careful this algorithm is right for Occident, it's no the same dates in Orient.
See on Wikipedia link in code, they give the both results, and it's really different or not, that depends the year.