Android Question Camera2 Library and Bluetooth Selfie remote


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I have a Galaxy S20 and a selifi stick (mpow istick x1). The selfie stick has a button on the handle to remotely start/stop video recording (or take a photo) via Bluetooth.

With the built-in camera, the iStick Bluetooth remote button correctly starts/stops video or takes picture depending on the camera mode selected.

With the Camera2 app from the Tutorials section here, clicking the remote button causes a volume slider to appear on screen rather than take/start/stop photo/video.

The Mpow device info states it is compatible with "Certain Android devices that can take Photos with the Enter Button" and "ALL Smart devices that can take photos with Volume Up".

My S20 is clearly able to work with the iStick as it works correctly using the Samsung supplied camera app.

Is there a way to modify the Camera2 App to work properly in this setup?


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Thanks Erel.

I found Activity_Keypress in module Main and with a Log() massage I have confirmed it does catch the remote button, identified it as .KEYCODE_VOLUME_UP

Now all I want to do is somehow invoke the "Sub btnRecord_Click" in B4XMainPage. How do I do that?

It's been many years since I learnt a new programming language (I still use VB6 for day-to-day needs, and some other 60's, 70's & 80's languages:eek:).
So I'm a bit lost when simply writing "Call btnRecord_Click" & "Public Sub btnRecord_Click" doesn't cut ito_O
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