Android Question Can I receive notifications via ESP32 ?


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Dear all,
Sure you can receive notification via mobile (mobile App) ,
But I need to make same solution by hardware,
Receive notifications ( not sending but receiving ).

Can any one help me to make notification receiver by hardware (Arduino (any type ) or ESP32) ?, kindly.
Thanks on advanced.
Best regards


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MCU must work periodically as a client, making HTTP-requests to a server. Where the status is stored, and server should reply with ... a notification info.
Look for MQTT protocol for ref.
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Johan Hormaza

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Many thanks Mr. Erel,
Many thanks Mr. peacemaker

I trying now to build Arduino (on ESP32, or ESP8266) code to just publish and receive the packets from B4X code on mobile
Mqtt server is :

Can any one share part of his work on Arduino the make these simple function and compatible with the above MQTT Blocker, please.
Support yourself here with this example.
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