iOS Question Cannot connect to local mac builder


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when i try to use my local mac builder ,my iphone show this message (cannot connect to (Local Host IP))
this happens after get message from IDE that every thing is OK
Parsing code.                           0.05
Compiling code.                         0.20
Compiling layouts code.                 0.02
Compiling debugger engine code.         1.13
Building Xcode project                  0.02
Sending data to remote compiler.        9.63
Compilation completed successfully.
Make sure that B4i-Bridge is started (
Manually launch the app after installation.
Notes :
-i can go to local host test page and every thing is ok
-hosted mac builder is working
-i was using my local mac builder before many times without problem
-i remove bridge and install it again

Haris Hafeez

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This is most likely a networking issue. Make sure that your Mac firewall is off. I also got issues with local builder earlier on but they were due to mac's network adapter settings.


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its seem to work again after Reset the Lockdown folder in iTunes
instruction for reference
Before following these steps, unplug all iOS devices from your computer and quit iTunes.
Mac OS X
From the Finder, choose Go > Go to folder.
Type /var/db/lockdown and press Return.
Choose View > as Icons. The Finder window should show one or more files with alphanumeric file names.
In the Finder, choose Edit > Select all.
Choose File > Move to Trash. You may need to enter an administrator password.
Delete the files in the Lockdown folder but don't delete the Lockdown folder.
Thank you