Android Question Cannot create AVD (Object should first be initialized (List) )


I am a beginner here, I was charged to make someone else's program work.

So, I need an Android SDK ver higher than any device I possess, they're all old, and thus I tried to install an Android Emulator, following your guides.

Then when I go to the B4A AVDManager, no matther which Screen Size or Platform I select from the dropdowns, upon clicking the CREATE AVD button, it always reports this error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Object should first be initialized (List)

My guess here is that this doesn't depend on my app, because I can't create the AVD. Is that correct?

Can someone help me? Thanks so much.


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It's everything installed correctly?
Carefully follow these steps:
B4A Installation
Double check the Paths configuration in the IDE.
Emulators runs better on Intel CPU with Hardware Virtualization support (that sometimes come Disabled in BIOS by default).
Searching the forum I think there were informations even about running them correctly on AMD CPU.
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Good that you solved.
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